Ask A Human

“Ask and ye shall receive”

Welcome to an initiative by Orison-B Society for simple, practical and effective solutions to anything bothering you.

Our USP is Personalized Solutions and absolute Anonymity. Tell us or ask us anything. We will resolve your personal / family / social / professional / institutional problems, doubts, frustrations, regrets. Get the human touch to your modern life.

Don’t Google – let a human help you in time of need.

Tired of artificial intelligence and bland sterile communication. Our Counselors will answer you as a Human. Don’t Google, let a Human help you with your life. Your data stays confidential. You stay Anonymous. We offer a human touch to your digital existence.

We provide One on One Psychology and Stress Management Solutions for individuals, startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, anyone who needs advice. We give a wireframe framework to your ideas, emotions, expectations, frustrations, opinions, problems, doubts, expressions. You will always get a human at to attend to it.

Think of us as a Consultant to anonymous individual users. Personal, professional, institutional, social, et al gets expert advice and solutions.